Selasa, 6 April 2010

To My lovElY Mom

Dear my beloved mother..

For your information, I have no experience learning English during pre-school because I never enter kindergarden.

When I was in primary school, I never realise the importance of English. I refuse to practice speaking in English because my teachers failed to give me inspiration. So, at the same time I have no intention to explore English.

Situation turned upside down when I was in secondary school. My weakness in English affected my social skills and my English's result. During this time, I really thought that it was to late for me to learn English from the beginning. Luckily, I finally found a teacher that inspired me a lot. She managed to change myself. Miss Lia taught me with patience. Slowly, I managed to get my confidence to talk and learn English.

IPG is the medium for me to improve my English. With the guidance from the lecturers, I now can practice English properly. The best part is I have passed my MUET Test.

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